Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Masters of the Universe

So this concludes my Masters of the Universe as little kiddy people. I know there are more out there, the more obscure ones. But for the most part I think I got all the ones that we all remember. As I was going through the list I started coming across characters I never even heard of, so I am happy with the list. I posted 2 different version, one with the BG and the other without, I couldn't pick which one I like more.


This was the guy that I had as a kid. They came with a gun that you could stick into their chest,WHY!!?? Its better than having it sticking out of his crotch?!


These guys were part of the rock people. They transformed (very loosely) to form rocks or meteorites, or something like that. The transformation wasn't even complete, you could flip it over and it was wide open, just like if Optimus Prime transformed into a truck but didn't' have no right side.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This guy looked pretty neat, considering most he-man figures were getting really silly at this point. Don't know his story, but I guess it was a guy who wanted to reach the remote and wished for long snake arms. Makes sense to me, been there.


A part of the snakemen, although he was a frog. So they are all Snakes, except this guy? I bet he had to fight hard to get into the club.

Tunglasher, "Come Ooooonn guys. Let me in. Look!... I have sharp teeth and this long tongue!"

Snakemen,"Don't we eat frogs?"


I guess this guy was suppose to be the enemy of Rotar. God, at this point I really think they were getting 4 year olds to design and color them.


A spikey dragon? A robot? maybe just a plain ole monster? Why does it even matter? He-man toys could be what ever they wanted to be. So I choose purple lizard with spikes!!


This guy was really cool for it time. Its around this era that glow in the dark things were the fad or at least one of the many fads. So to have a guy that glowed in the dark was the bee knees! (That means "Cool" for you young folk) But I didn't own this guy and kinda wish I had, he would have had great battles with Skeletor about who gets to make tea.

Snake Face

Don't have a clue about this guy. He has snakes that come outta his face, I don't know what else.......he's stupid looking?! Sure..lets go with that.


Skeletors version of battle cat. It didn't come with a cool helmet, instead he was completely covered in a fine fur. I guess that will work, as years go by the fur starts to fall off and it looks like he as some kind of disease.


I remember this coming out at the end of the series and thinking "boy they are really stretching for ideas. Like I said earlier, the toys just continued to get sillier and sillier.

Kobra Khan

This guy was awesome, every little boys dream. You could fill up his body and press down on his head and he would squirt water in a fine mist. It was awesome, easily one of the funnest( I know its not a word) He-man toys I owned. I clogged up the squirt nozzle when I tried to see what other liquids I could squirt from his mouth. Paint doesn't work well.

King Hiss

The king of the Snakemen, a story line that I am not too familiar with in the cartoon. I had a few of these guys. This here guy had his outer shell come off to expose and body of snakes. He looks quite silly in this form.


I can't believe I got this far and forgot the sorceress! I've been trekking through all the weird and obscure Master of the Universe characters and I totally left out the watcher of GreySkull. Well here she is.........yup, she's not wearing pants.


Again, I only remember seeing this guy in the comic books. I don't know what they were going for here, Bruce Lee villain with the metal hand who is a samurai?? God only knows.


Here we go with all the gimmicky characters. This guy spins. Look out skeletor or I'll send out my spinning friend to confuse you with his spin power. "sigh"

Clamp Champ

The only black man in the masters of the universe. His name, CLAMP there's a tournament for clamping? and this guy is the champion of clamping? This as to be one of the saddest characters in the MOU.

King Randor

As a kid I remember seeing this guy in the toy store and thinking,"He's lame, all he does is sit and rule a kingdom" Maybe if he came with laser shooting action or robot legs but a crown seemed to offend me as a kid. ( I don't question my kid brain)

Rio Blast

I think I have used up most of the staples of Masters of the Universe and now we enter the age of weird and strange side support characters. I never even heard of this character, but you can tell from the hair do alone that he's a Tom Seleck or Chuck Norris badass. The Mustache completes him.