Tuesday, September 28, 2010

King Randor

As a kid I remember seeing this guy in the toy store and thinking,"He's lame, all he does is sit and rule a kingdom" Maybe if he came with laser shooting action or robot legs but a crown seemed to offend me as a kid. ( I don't question my kid brain)


  1. Yea, likewise. I had a lot of these figures when i was a young one but i too consciously skipped out on Randor because he seemed lame and idle compared to the other action figures. Eventually, my mom forced me to give them all away to my little cousins in india, where they re-ran the show several years after the cartoon was popular elsewhere.

  2. oh wow, forced to give them away? That's sadness. I on the other hand went the other route and destroyed mine myself with a BB Gun. Gawd, I was stupid, but you hit a age as a kid where your toys don't matter to you and I had more fun shooting them then having them sit in a toybox.

    Only has a adult do I appreciate them now and wish I still had them all.