Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kobra Khan

This guy was awesome, every little boys dream. You could fill up his body and press down on his head and he would squirt water in a fine mist. It was awesome, easily one of the funnest( I know its not a word) He-man toys I owned. I clogged up the squirt nozzle when I tried to see what other liquids I could squirt from his mouth. Paint doesn't work well.


  1. Yes, maybe my memories wrong, but did Hordak have a character that could spray water as well? And the 2 most interesting characters (the 2 i held on to the longest) were Modulok and the robot he/they created. You could assemble them into all kinds of things.

  2. ahah, yeah. To be honest, that one scared me as a kid.

    Hordak...um leech had a pad on its back that you pressed to create suction. Its very very probable that there was a Hordak toy that could spray water.